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Super-modern building of the hotel «Fortecia Step» on closer examination turns out to be a ten times increased and embodied in concrete and glass the traditional dwelling of the Eurasian nomads - yurt (ui). Instead of curtains (shymyldyk) separating the beds from the central chamber there are four wings of hotel, connected by an octagonal hall. It’s not a chamber in the middle of the hall-tent with a spectacular ceiling made of lumber from toned pine, but the round reception desk of bleached oak with luxurious granite countertops. As it's necessary, above it the blue sky and sunshine is - but we see them not through the smoke hole, covered with the willow round bars (shanyrak), but through the pyramidal glass lantern in the roof of the hotel.

However, in contrast to the yurt, «Fortecia Step» is not among the spreading vale, but on the steep slope of a river. The building skillfully inscribed in the landscape: from the entrance, it looks like one or two floor building, and from the river Elshanka hotel wings have three full floors, called the lower (ground floor), the first (first floor) and the second (second floor). As the entrance to the central lobby is on the ground (median) floor, «Fortecia Step» gets visible features of relationship with the alpine chalet or Mediterranean beach hotels, where the floors go from the lobby up and down.

Technical advantages of the building «Fortecia» is also impressive. In the strongest frosts it retains heat very well, and in the heat hotel gives its guests a welcome coolness with central ventilation and air conditioning. «Fortecia Step» has a backup gas boiler for independent heating and hot water (in normal mode the hotel associated with the urban networks through heat exchangers). There are also reserve supplies of water and - just in case - its own diesel generator.

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