Golden book

December 25, 2010. Living at you was full of light, coziness, comfort, and the most important, it was clean! I wish prosperity to your hotel! With deepest compliments!

Yours, Ekaterina Shavrina


November 23, 2010. .My biggest thanks to the best hotel for the chic reception, amazing service and warm, homely atmosphere!!! Everything was the top class! We wish you prosperity and success in future!

Rada Rai

October 15, 2010. . From my crew and from myself I bring my gratitude to all the staff of the hotel Fortecia Steppe for the highest level of professionalism, warmth and comfort! Special words of admiration are to the staff of restaurant Tamerlan.

Andrey Bandera 

August 28, 2010. Thanks a lot for comfort and quietness. Its important for the artists! Let there always be goodness at your walls!

Pop-group Fabrika

August 27, 2010. I always glad to stay at your comfortable hotel. Thank you for your hospitality and comfort. Have a nice mood!

With tenderness, Christina

July 31, 2010. We wish good health, joy, happiness, prosperity, peace, goodness to the hotels staff and to their families.

Always yours, Blue Bird


July 16, 2010. Thank you for the warm and sincere welcome! See you soon!

Zhanna Friske

April 8, 2010. Thank you for the warm and home welcome! Everything was nice and cozy!

Vladislav Tretiak

March 6, 2010. . On the eve of Spring Festival I wish good hotel-moods to all the women and men! I wish harmony and joy for everyone!

Nadezhda Babkina

March 3, 2010. I sincerely wish you the best! Thank you!

Andrey Chernyshov

March 3, 2010. Thank you for the warmth, comfort and well sleep!

Evelyna Bledans

March 3, 2010. Thank you very much for your warm welcome, comfort, care and attention. I wish you good luck, good guests and a good spring mood!

Olga Arntgolts

June 19, 2009. I thank the administration and staff of the hotel Fortecia for its professional work. Your kindness and sensitivity are well combined with well-tact and respect for the guests.
State Duma Deputy, Chairman of the Committee on Defense, Colonel-General V. Zavarzin
March 7, 2009. This is a wonderful hotel! Thank you very much for comfort, we will be happy to meet again in Orsk!
Edita Piekha
September 20, 2008. Hotel Fortecia became my love for its cleanliness, green spaces and almost maternal care of staff. I wish you development, prosperity and nice guests.
Julia Chicherina.
February 17, 2008. Thank you and your city for the warmth! People in this city are different, better than in Moscow!
Lolita Milyavskaya.

March 21, 2007. Thanks the hotel Fortecia for the warmth and comfort!
Lubov Kazarnovskaya.

February 14, 2007. Dedicated to Anna and Tamerlan.
What a lovely restaurant
Under title Tamerlan!
But not worse of Tamerlan
Was the room of Empress Anne.
I declare you from my heart:
Both of spots are very hot!

Yuri Entin.

October 2, 2005. Thank you for your hospitality and warmth! Always yours!


June 26, 2005. Fabrika was here 2 times. We like your place very much! You got a cool yurt-thing on the reception. Thanks!!!
Pop-group Fabrika

June 25, 2005. Thank you very much for your excellent service! Special thanks to the chef!!!
Pop-group Premier Minister


March 25, 2005. Thank you for your warmth, comfort, unmatched cuisine and smiles!!!
Pop-group Via Gra

December 19, 2004. Everything was great! Thank you!
Ivan Urgant

December 18, 2004. I really enjoyed the hotel Fortecia. It is stylish, beautiful, delicious, luxurious and lovely. I wish to all the hotel staff good, happiness and good luck!
Julia Nachalova

December 18, 2004. Luxury hotel! Its joyfully to see such changes in our lives! I wish you good luck and love!
Leonid Agutin


December 18, 2004. Wonderful place! Cozy and delicious! I wish you good luck and prosperity!
Anjelika Varum

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