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The history of hotel Fortecia Steppe begins in 1992, when the director of South Ural Machine Building Factory Ravil Urusov initiated the construction of the cruciform building of business center on the riverside of Elshanka, designed by Austrian architect. It was planned 36 small rooms, a dining room for 72 seats, rooms for conferences and seminars, sauna and swimming pool, office wing. Because of financial problems and high complexity of the project, 5 years later, future Fortecia was an empty box of protracted construction, overgrown with weeds on the site.

New co-owners of South Ural Machine Building Factory Aleksey Shevtsov and he's wife Natalia Shevtsova thoroughly reworked its concept as continuers of the construction. The number of rooms was reduced to 20 by increasing their size and class. The plan included 2 suites of eighty meters for the most important guests in Orsk. The dining room turned into the elegant restaurant Le Jarden. And a steam sauna became the only one in the way in the city of Orsk.

The hotel Fortecia was solemnly opened on March 1, 2000 in the presence of the governor of the Orenburg region A. Chernyshev and other dignitaries. The opening was preceded by many months of staff training, hard work of builders and engineers, effort to manning of the hotel with a first-class furniture and equipment.Fortecia has embodied the views of its founders on the ideal modern hotel, noble and restrained in style, comfortable, safe, reliable, attentive and interested in service, quality cuisine and excellent conditions for recreation.All parts are carefully worked out. For example, the English label on a bottle of mineral water in each room is copied from the former palace of the Maharaja in the vicinity of Jaipur. Shevtsovs carefully treated the designs of the first builder of Fortecia - R. Urusov. In memory of the early 90s, somewhere they keep Armstrong ceiling structures and they named one of the luxury rooms by the name of Prince Vasily Urusov, local head in the middle of 18th century and the namesake of Ravil Urusov, now director of the famous St. Petersburg factory Electrosila. Natalia Shevtsova worked on the interiors of Fortecia for two years. She personally selected the Italian marble and onyx tiles for bathrooms in Presidential Suite, English wool carpets, fabrics for curtains, bedspreads and upholstery. Furniture for the Fortecia was ordered at the best European suppliers, part of joinery products was made by order in Moscow. After the opening of the hotel Natalia published several of her works in a certain interior magazine "Mezzanine", participated in Moscow's "Week of Decor" in 2002, joined the Association of Russian decorators.

On the December 23, 2005 new restaurant of colonial cuisine Tamerlan was opened at the Fortrecia.Alexey Shevtsov, gourmet and connoisseur of the best champagne, oversaw all aspects of the birth of unsurpassed restaurant Tamerlan in the city of Orsk and now regularly reviews and adjusts its menu and wine list.Today the hotel complexes are in the tourist centers of the European part of Russia: Fortecia Rus on the Volga Ples, Suzdal, Fortecia Peter in Saint-Petersburg.In Orsk Alexey Shevtsov plans to expand the hotel Fortecia Step with another building consisting of rooms of categories Studio and Comfort.

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