Hotel accommodation rules

1. Guests with reservation at the hotel get priority right for accommodation.

We accept applications for reservations by mail, telephone, fax and electronic communications.
Check-in time 14.00, check-out 12.00. The first night is fully charged respectively the price of the booked rooms. In case of delay of check-out fee will be charged on the following order:
  • from 2 to 6 hours after checkout time - hourly pay;
  • from 6 to 12 hours after check-in time - a payment for half a day;
  • from 12 to 24 hours after the estimated time - a payment for a full day.

Making room is only by presentation of the guests passport, military identification card for military personnel, or other document issued in the prescribed manner and confirms the identity.

2. The guarantee of accommodation in the Grand Hotel Fortecia is the full payment of the guest booked services.

3. The Grand Hotel Fortecia reserves the right to refuse making arrangements for person who are allegedly in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication, as well as to persons exhibiting inadequate behavior (committing acts that are contrary to the generally accepted norms of morality and may harm Society or person expressesing a conflict state).

4. We do not welcome smoking.

Smoking is permitted only in the cigar room of the restaurant KRIMOV, as well as in some hotel rooms designed to accommodate smoking guests. Guests can book in rooms for smokers in advance. Cleaning the air of tobacco smoke and deodorizing rooms are charged with an additional fee in accordance with approved tariffs.

5. Guests can also invite visitors that dont stay at the hotel.

For comfort and safety of our guests,all visitors have to show their ID for registration. If the visitor stays in a hotel room after 23:00, the tariff rates paid on double occupancy.

6. At the request of the guest, standard breakfast and dinner in the restaurant KRIMOV may be included in room charge.

Rooms of category Lux and Studio are equipped with minibars. The room charge does not include the mini-bar. The mini-bar is payed separately.

7. Restaurant of Russian-Asian cuisine KRIMOV

Located directly at the hotel, at our guests service. From 7:00 to 24:00 you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner. That is why our guests dont bring with them food and drinks - there is no place to store it in their rooms, its not convenient to consume, and, the most importantly, it wont be as tasty and appetizing as dishes from the restaurant KRIMOV.

8. Hotel guests may park their cars for free in a protected site in a special place.

9. Salon of health Yashma Spa (with sauna, swimming pool, massages, cleansing and rejuvenation programs) is unisex zone so bathing suits are obligatory.

In the salon area smoking or drinking alcohol do not allowed. Guests in a drunken state are not served.

10. Our rooms are not equipped for a comfortable and safe living with pets.

For the sake of peace of our guests we will not accept pets - no dogs, no cats, no parrots, etc.

11. It is necessary to have Russian phone number in the format +7 for using free WIFI in the hotel and identification of the guest according to the Decree of the Russian Federation 758. If you have some difficulties with connecting WIFI, please refer to the reception.

Thank you for understanding.

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