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Souvenir Boutique

Most famous souvenirs in the city of Orsk and Orenburg region rightly are Orenburg Shawl and Orsk Jasper.

Orenburg Shawl is a kind of symbol, a visit card of Orenburg region.

At this moment Orsk still is the center of traditional down-hair knitting craft.
Delicate white scarves – pautinka, shawls that fits inside a goose egg shell and can be pulled through a wedding ring – wedding ring shawls are always excite true admiration.




Jasper is one of the most ancient colored rock which finds application in stone cutting.
The best jasper located on Ural. «Jasper Belt» stretches from the north to the south, and the most famous kinds of jasper, including exotic variegated paysage jasper, come from deposits at the Mount Polkovnik in the city of Orsk, and around it.Ural Jasper from the Mount Polkovnik has largest variety of drawing and coloring. It characterized by all the known shades of colors, dominated by red-brown of varying intensity, pink, brown, yellow, rarely green and black. Academician A.Fersman called the Mount Polkovnik "A Fossils Fairy-Tale".
Orsk Jasper rightfully is favorite element in jasperated interior decoration of Russian palaces. Products that made of Orsk Jasper are in Hermitage, Ekaterinburg Russian Museum, Orsk Museum and in abroad collections. South-Ural variegated Jasper was used for the tsar’s bedchamber floor facing in the Kremlin. There are two vases made of Orsk Jasper in Hermitage Hall of Leonardo Da Vinci. Jasper from Mount Polkovnik was used for interior decoration of The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg and Mayakovskya subway station in Mosсow.

In the Souvenir Boutique of the Hotel «Fortecia» you can buy original handmade scarf, pautinka or a shawl for your beloved woman as a gift that will keep memories of the vast expanses of the Great Steppe.Also here you can buy art panels, boxes, desk sets, samovars and other unique products that are made of Orsk Jasper, Sayan Jade or rock crystal in a single copy, elite perfumes, ties and leather goods.

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